I am not the “healer.” 

Through experience and my teachings I’ve learned how to hold space and which tools to offer to create strong containers where people are empowered to heal themselves. 

These offerings are not a bandaid and I invite those who as ready for transformation, for deep and abiding shifts in their lives, to reach out.





Serpent Healing




Rose Amaru is founder of Serpent Sanctum, a nonprofit dedicated to facilitating empowerment, healing and the arts through Sacred Serpent Wisdom.

She is an ordained Priestess, and currently studying with the Iseum of Quimera to obtain the initiation as a Priestess of Isis.

Rose is a Theta Practitioner, and workshop presenter, bringing initiatory teachings of Tantric Shamanism through the Feathered Serpent Lodge. 


My Story


I first began studying biology with the intention of learning about the Earth and addressing the issues that interfered with humans living in harmony with the Earth. I studied Biology couple years at UC Berkeley and began working in Biodefense at Laurence Livermore National Defense Laboratories. 

At one point I realized the discoveries and technology needed for a harmonious Earth were already here, yet suppressed. It was at this time I experienced a dark night of the soul, quit working, dropped out and spend several years battling my demons, struggling through addiction, and learning who I was. From a space of rock bottom, ego death, and near death I was able to build again into a person I liked being. 

That journey took me through completing my Bachelors of Science focusing on conservation biology and botany, teaching science to children,  working as a university Laboratory Technician, and organizing for the environmentally supportive nonprofit the Tuolumne River Trust. The journey took me through marriage and then divorce as I began studying spirituality, and learning to integrate those teachings in my life, unable to be complacent anymore.