Health and Wellness Pathway

Bring disease and stagnancy to vibrancy and health

For health issues not responding to Western medicine we offer: 


Resonance Therapy

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, is the process of using electrical fields to stimulate a response on a cellular level. By delivering beneficial, health-enhancing EMFs stimulate many of the chemical and electrical processes in the tissues, which result in better health and function.

This process can lead to positive change in the form of reduced stiffness and pain, faster bone healing, an increased range of motion in joints, treating signs of depression, and so much more.


Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a wonderful tool that works by discovering and clearing subconscious beliefs that don’t serve a person and consciously reprogramming the mind to beliefs that uplift consciousness, change habits and increase happiness, productivity and abundance.


Shed what no longer serves

to step into a life of greater power, purpose and pleasure


Level 1 Group Ceremony

New Moon Shed and Release Ceremonies (1/month for 3 months $111) 3 hour ceremonies

+ Fire Shed & Vortex Shamanic Shed

+ Fire Shed + Chakra Breath Initiation

+ Fire Shed + Balancing Masculine and Feminine Ceremony


Level 2 Ceremonies

Includes Monthly Individual Theta Resonance Sessions


Activate serpent medicine to connect

with your deeper instinctual primal center and sensuality

Working directly with serpents can:

* Awaken past memories

* Clear Somatic Blocks

* Connect with Ancient Primordial Centers

* Activate Shakti Kundalini


Level 1

Serpent dance & dream interpretation

Receive instruction and one on one support with our serpent guides. We take the time to chat about whats happening in your dreamscape or meditations.

3 sessions 90 min each, $333


Level 2

Serpent MAssage

Three 90 minute sessions $555


Level 3 Synergy

Combination of Serpent Massage, Dance and Dream Interpretation $888


 Serpent Sanctum is a 501(c) nonprofit facilitating empowerment, healing, and the arts through sacred serpent wisdom.

Serpent Sanctum performs at various festivals and events, providing divine feminine energy and beauty.

To learn more about this organization, visit our website.

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Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

A womb is created of branches and cloth, and we are invited back into the mother to sweat our prayers. We connect with the ancestors in order to strengthen our connection with creator and promote healing of mother earth and our connection with each other. We are holding inipi ceremonies, with watered poured by Sundancer Paul Rubio. We are also holding temezcal ceremonies with Huichol Grandmother Chicahuaxocitl. Traditionally men wear shorts and women wear long skirts and covered shoulders of natural fabrics and we honor the traditions by honoring these ways. Please contact me if you’d like to be invited.


Native Art & Medicine

  My sister and I were separated young and after discovering each other much older in life decided to connect by traveling the lands of our Purépecha ancestors in Mexico, first discovering and then bringing back the art and culture. We decided to specifically support indigenous women, especially mothers who are making the art. After sitting in ceremony with Grandmother Chicahuaxocitl, I felt the gentle power of that tradition and was introduced to the gorgeous Wixarika (Huicol) artwork, so we have a heavy focus in the gorgeous beadwork. 
    The Grandmother has a school she founded in Guadalajara where natural herbs, remedies, and healing techniques are studied. We are carrying some of her products, lotions, eye drops, essential oils, and more. 
Check out our collection here: